Customize your Own Safety Hoodie

Hoodies offer a great deal of variety in terms of design and color. However, if you are not satisfied with the design of a hoodie then you can always design your own hoodie for some more money. There are several online stores that allow you to design your own hoodie. In recent times some people are buying safety orange hoodie. But the problem is these hoodies do not come with interesting designs or patterns. If you want a customize hoodie then you need to have some knowledge about the different designs and patterns of a hoodie.

Color: Whenever you are designing a hoodie you need to be careful with the colors. If you are designing a safety hoodie then you need to consider bright colors. There are several options for you. Safety orange hoodie can be a good option. Also, yellow, red or light green etc colors are visible in the dark.

Pattern: You need to work on the pattern of the hoodie. If you want your hoodie to be loosely fit you can do that. But if you are designing a safety hoodie then you need to think about protection more than you think about the fashion trend. So when you are designing a hoodie you need to bear that in mind.

Closure style: A hoodie should be designed in a way so that it fits comfortably. Some people like zipper closure and some people likea pullover. Also, some people are now choosing button closure. The choice should be yours. But it is better to avoid button closure as heavy winds will make you feel cold with button closure.

Hood style: There are different patterns available in the hood too. Some hoodies come with lace and some do not. Some hoodies come with thick hoods and some come with thin or similar hoods.

Reflective logo:When you are designing a safety hoodie you can consider reflective logo or straps. It will cost you a few more bucks but it definitely worth the money. If you cannot do that try some bright colors in the hoodie that is more visible in the dark.

Fleece: Most of the hoodies have fleece inside. Fleece helps to keep the heat inside the hoodie and therefore your hoodie will be better for you. So when you are going to buy a hoodie you need to choose a hoodie with fleece rather than going for thick fabric. Fleece is more effective to preserve the heat.

Quality: You should never compromise the quality of a hoodie. A hoodie will last you for at least a year or more. So try to buy a hoodie that has good quality fabric and good quality printing or designs. Also, focus on the sewing quality. The bands should be made with premium materials.

When you are designing a hoodie you need to have more than one design so that you can choose among the alternatives.